God You Bring Me Freedom: A Poem of Hope

God bring me freedom, from the pain I've known
God give me shelter, remind me I am not alone,
For on my own I know I am destined for my fears
Oh God bring me freedom, show me that you're still here

God bring me hope now, for I see I've lost my way
Give me love God, for I'm barely holding on today
Remind me I am here with purpose and that you grafted me
I'm holding onto to a prayer, that you truly see me

God I know I've fallen short, I know I have lived in sin
Yet God at your altar you can find me on my knees again
I'm hoping for your love Lord, hoping for a chance
Hoping I can be your bride, deeply loved by your romance

God you've clothed me, you call me your beautiful bride
The wounds are healing, and joy lives inside
The chains don't bind me, you've been setting me free
I never knew how close you were until from the pit you lifted me

I am your beloved, I am your child, I have hope, and I can smile
I can trust, oh I can see, that you had a purpose when you created me

I am a Woman of Hope