Acres of Hope by Carol L. Barron

I stand here alone

With my children

My burden is great and

I am ready to run.

I am lost

and no longer can cope,

but you took my hand and lead me to

Acres of Hope


You have lead me here

to this beautiful place

and when I look around

I can see your face

shining in people I don't even know

I'm given a fresh start

with new chances to grow.


Walking through each room your love abounds

Where laborers have worked

transformation can be found

not just in the walls, or the paint,

or the floor

but a change in our heart down to

the very core.


You see, grace truly lives here

and fear is cast away.

I want to give it my all

each day that I stay,

giving back as I have been given

proving you live and truly risen.

This is the place 

to the Lord we'll be yoked

new beginnings

for all who reside here at

Acres of Hope.