I Believe In Hope

I didn't know where to turn

 I didn't know where to go

Is there anyone I can lean on

Or am I all alone

I'm doing all that I can just to get through today

We've gone to the shelter but were turned away

There's not enough room, and how can I change

In 24 hours with no stability I can maintain

Somehow I believe in Hope

That there is a place for me

A place for my child where we can be free

A place where we can go

Where we won't be alone

Facing the cold

There's got to be

A place we can call home


I was told of a place called Acres of Hope

Where we I can build my family

No longer will I we be alone

A place where there is food and a place to rest

A place where we can receive love at it's best

God please bring me to the place called Acres of Hope

Where we can be safe, and trust in you alone

For I still believe in hope

For you can set us free

For we've been on our own for so long, I've forgotten what it is to be me

Please take me, take us, to Acres of Hope,

Where we can be the family, you've called us to be


Bring us to Acres of Hope.