A Conversation With The Staff of Hope

Passing The Torch

All The Single Ladies

Bumper Stickers with Lisa Risdal and Jackie Turner

The Power of Resilience with Lisa Risdal and Jackie Turner

The Door is Open

Escaping Survivor Mode With Lisa and Jackie

Tyler's Story by Lisa Risdal

Bandages with Lisa Risdal and Jackie Turner

This is Acres of Hope

Do As I Say Not As I Do: The Cry of a Mother

A Child's Voice: You're Safe Now

Cameron: A Child of Hope

Story Time With Lisa Risdal: Greasy Chicken Fingers

An Acres of Hope Prayer

A Woman Named Hope by Lisa Risdal


Acres Of Hope Featured On Kahi Radio: Lisa Risdal

Draws broken women closer to God. Teaching me to receive love – put loving people in my life.

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