Our Impact

How we change lives

Acres of Hope aims to create a foundation of change for both women and children residents. Our balanced approach focuses on the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of our residents to help them overcome their circumstances and build positive life long habits.

To date, we have helped numerous women and children overcome homelessness most of which never have an issue with housing again.

This program is truly a miracle for me and my family. It has saved me from alcoholism and is teaching me the skills to break the cycle of addiction and abuse, and to eventually become a productive woman and mother in the community.

It’s like a family here. I’ve never had that before.

I have learned how to engage and get engaged in Church and outside support. Teaching me to love again.
Draws broken women closer to God. Teaching me to receive love – put loving people in my life.
Helping me to turn on desire to be a good parent and to be a part of it. Gift of grace and patience with kids, have kids in routine and schedule – focus on kids and desires to be committed to kids has been turned on.
Many assets like mentors – this will be a life long friend.
The support network AoH provides for each individual is unique. We have mentors (whether our choice or not – good thing) we always have someone to talk to now.
Learning how to cope with daily life clean and sober in a very practical way.

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by: Debra Nesbitt The key word, “hope” is the primary operative here. As I toured the grounds there was a tangible sense of being uplifted. The individual cottages and common areas are arranged to encourage interaction and community support. Young mothers walked with...