Our Impact

How we change lives

Acres of Hope aims to create a foundation of change for both women and children residents. Our balanced approach focuses on the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of our residents to help them overcome their circumstances and build positive life long habits.

To date, we have helped numerous women and children overcome homelessness most of which never have an issue with housing again.

This program is truly a miracle for me and my family. It has saved me from alcoholism and is teaching me the skills to break the cycle of addiction and abuse, and to eventually become a productive woman and mother in the community.

It’s like a family here. I’ve never had that before.

I have learned how to engage and get engaged in Church and outside support. Teaching me to love again.
Draws broken women closer to God. Teaching me to receive love – put loving people in my life.
Helping me to turn on desire to be a good parent and to be a part of it. Gift of grace and patience with kids, have kids in routine and schedule – focus on kids and desires to be committed to kids has been turned on.
Many assets like mentors – this will be a life long friend.
The support network AoH provides for each individual is unique. We have mentors (whether our choice or not – good thing) we always have someone to talk to now.
Learning how to cope with daily life clean and sober in a very practical way.

Check out our stories of hope

Bring Them Home

Scared. It’s the only way to describe the fight or flight experience. Homeless. It’s the only way to describe what caused them to be scared.  Tyler was living in the woods, rather than learning to talk he learned to howl, rather than read he learned to hunt, rather...

The Demons She Couldn’t Give Up

I sat there on the cold stairs. The family was inside the house and the table was full of food. I hadn’t seen her in over 16 years. I was just a 9 year old when the rug was ripped out from under me, and everything I knew in life would suddenly change. It’s crazy to...

Roar With Me

He looked up at the night sky, stars twinkling so brightly. He tickled his feet on the zipper at the edge of the tent. It was the world he knew. The only one. His mom was already sleeping. He listened as the wind rustled through the trees above him. He sat up tucked...

Dear Father You’re Important

"Do something for me, raise your hand if you have a father in your life." It was another year that had gone by. There I was sitting around the table with the resident mothers of Acres of Hope. As we sat there on the day before Father’s Day, I asked them if their...

When The Blinds Were Closed

When the blinds were closed it stayed dark. The darkness I knew seemed darker than the shadow that covers the night sky. When the blinds are closed no one can see in. When no one can see in, there is no way out. There is no one who steps in to save you. Everything is...

If My Mom Had Acres of Hope

If my mom had Acres of Hope growing up, I never would have gone into foster care. I would have never found out about the siblings I never knew as a young adult. If my mom had Acres of Hope perhaps she would have never been lost in addiction. Perhaps she would have...

I Have A Sibling: The Other Side of Reunification

 “‘My son,’ the father said, ‘you are always with me, and everything I have is yours. But we had to celebrate and be glad, because this brother of yours was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.’"  Luke 15:31-32 Andrew: Age 7 :”I have a sibling, I didn’t...

Leave the light on please!

Their squeals filled the air. Toy cars where making their stretch across the floor. Then with a great crash, road block. A closed door halted the great escape. A mother close behind to rescue the attempt for a great getaway. Into the new expanse was a great darkness,...

Pain Unseen: A Safe Place To Heal.

“Hidden beneath the smile is the pain unseen. It can arise at any moment, triggered by a memory. Don’t give into it, I’ve heard people say. Yet deep within me, I wish they could enter in it and pull me out somehow, some way.” A Woman of HopeJourney with me, beyond the...