If My Mom Had Acres of Hope

May 5, 2021 | Stories

If my mom had Acres of Hope growing up, I never would have gone into foster care. I would have never found out about the siblings I never knew as a young adult. If my mom had Acres of Hope perhaps she would have never been lost in addiction. Perhaps she would have stopped drinking. Maybe just maybe she would have chosen me instead of guys one, two, and three. If my mom had Acres of Hope maybe I wouldn’t have had those hard questions as an adult sitting on the end of the bed. You want to know the truth, if my mom had Acres of Hope, she might still be alive right now, instead of dead.

Each line of the above story is a collaboration of thoughts shared with me from adults who wished their mothers had a place called Acres of Hope when they were growing up. From famous musicians, to news reporters, the young adult, to the elderly man or woman. Each one shares the same tagline at the end of their tale, “I wish my mom had Acres of Hope when I was growing up.” Right now at this very moment there are children with young single mothers who are ready to end their cycle of homelessness. Ready to do the hard work to say no more!! This week on May 6th, there is the opportunity to stand with them in saying no more!!!

On Thursday for Big Day of Giving, help the children of today waiting for hope, not be ones who say in their tomorrows, “I wish my mom had Acres of Hope.” Let’s open the doors of hope to more families.Maybe you too would say, “I wish my mom had Acres of Hope growing up.” Maybe you too know how desperate situations can get. Today we get to say no more for a child and mother ready for a ray of hope to break through.

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Check out our Big Day of Giving page here, and make the difference that you can to help us say no more to homelessness and the root issues that cause it, and yes to hope.

Check us out here to do your part: https://www.bigdayofgiving.org/acresofhope