Mom holding her two kids
It’s Time To Multiply Hope!

We are taking the biggest leap of faith in 2021 and moving ahead with expanding our campus to eventually double our capacity and serve more women and children. Thanks to some extremely generous donors, we have just purchased TWO new cottages that will be arriving this spring! These new homes will provide transitional housing to our families who are building their daily living skills and preparing to eventually move out into their own homes as independent women and loving and nurturing moms. It’s an instrumental step in building their confidence and competence to ensure their success as they graduate out into our community.

Our expansion plans include more transitional cottages, a new Child Development Center, a Welcome Center to provide classroom, counseling, and community engagement space. We will also have a new Hope House to replace our existing 1970’s model community home. This is an exciting time for Acres of Hope and it’s only because of the incredible support and encouragement we recieve from all of you and this community who understand the generational impact we are making in breaking the cycle of homelessness for these women and their children.

I’m excited for you to join us on this journey and be a part of multiplying the life changing opportunities for sustainable change for generations to come.

Lisa Risdal
Executive Director
Placer Family Housing dba Acres of Hope


We quickly saw first hand that the lives of these women and children are truly being changed, and not just for the short term. These women are becoming the most beautiful moms, and graduating out with great jobs, and taking pride in giving back to the community.
Tom and Louisa Elliott
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