Bring Them Home

Sep 29, 2022 | Stories

Scared. It’s the only way to describe the fight or flight experience. Homeless. It’s the only way to describe what caused them to be scared. 

Tyler was living in the woods, rather than learning to talk he learned to howl, rather than read he learned to hunt, rather than rest on a bed, he rested on branches, leaves, and the earth of the wilderness. When Tyler was taken into foster care he howled as tears ran down his face for 6 months. Until his mother had her first home at Acres of Hope where she learned life skills to care for her son. After 6 months Tyler came home to his mother, and they grew in learning what it is to live in a home. Tyler grew in his speech, and social engagement with other children. Today Tyler and his mother live in their own home as Alumni of Hope, and they are thriving in society. 

Charlie called her mother by her first name. She was 4 years old when she came to Acres of Hope. She had been living with her aunt while her mom fought addiction. After becoming clean at a rehab, Charlie’s mother came to Acres of Hope and took back her life by gaining the life skills she needed to bring her daughter home to her care. Today Charlie and her mother are Alumni of Hope. Charlie is in gymnastics looking to become the next Simone Biles, and she’s got a pretty good chance at it too. 

Kyla entered the program with 2 of her children. She had one more child still living in foster care when she arrived at Acres of Hope. Kyla was fighting to get her son back. She was successful. Yet when her son came home he was so angry and hurt that his mother had two more kids while he was away. An angry young boy came home. A hurt young boy, fought each day for his position. A healed young boy, now fits beautifully in his family, is playing softball, and has become an award winner in his class for kindness. 

In each brief story mentioned here, the kids came home. They came home to Acres of Hope and their lives, and the lives of their mothers radically changed. We write to you today desiring to bring more children home to their mothers, out of the despair of homelessness, and into the reality of Hope. Will you help us transform more children and families? Will you help us bring them home?

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