The vision of Acres of Hope is to provide a safe family environment and a healthy living program for women with children that sets the foundation of change and breaks the cycle of homelessness.

This program is truly a miracle for me and my family. It has saved me from alcoholism and is teaching me the skills to break the cycle of addiction and abuse, and to eventually become a productive woman and mother in the community.

Previous Acres of Hope Resident


The mission of Acres of Hope is to improve the physical, emotional, social, economic and spiritual quality of life for homeless women and their children. We accomplish this by identifying and replacing faulty belief systems that drive destructive behaviors with biblically based truths and the implementation of healthy life skills.


We value the unique purpose that God has planned for every person. We value healthy relationships with God, self and others. We value relationships that provide mutual support and accountability without judgment. We value a safe environment that promotes personal authenticity. We value continued growth in all stages of life.

Acres of hope volunteer with a child

Help us achieve our mission to improve the lives of homeless women and children!

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