Leave the light on please!

Dec 7, 2019 | Stories

Their squeals filled the air. Toy cars where making their stretch across the floor. Then with a great crash, road block. A closed door halted the great escape. A mother close behind to rescue the attempt for a great getaway. Into the new expanse was a great darkness, until the mom as a saving grace flicked on the light switch to make all the hidden new roadway seen. As the boys scattered across the floor on their mission to out race each other. One child fascinated by the idea the light could go on and off by the flick of a switch, began to put his knew knowledge to practice. As the lights flickered on and off, and the laughter of the boys filled the room, one little voice caught my attention. “Leave the light on please”, one of the children said. “I can see better when the light is on”.

I was captured by the moment. The little boy so innocently, but so profoundly stated a truth, found at Acres of Hope. As soon as the young child spoke these words, I considered the clarity that is brought to life for families at Acres of Hope. What was once in darkness now seen in the light. Things unknown, illuminated by new found knowledge of opportunities. Victories found in places the light has been turned on so families can see another path to travel.

At Acres of Hope the light has been turned on, spiritually and physically. Now families can see their is hope, and a path to a new life. We will leave the light on, so women and children can take the path to renewed lives.

To leave the light on for women and children breaking the cycle of homelessness at Acres of Hope,

Visit: Acresofhopeonline.org or Call:530-878-8030